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Truth about politics

Have you ever wondered why people dislike politics so much?

Obviously, there is disagreement.

It need not be horribly divisive, but some people will bring it to that level.

Here is an example. I disagree that Velocity is viable.

Remaining Available Capital

  • February $190,351

  • April $186,613

  • May $116,948

  • July $ 81,944

  • August $ -3,834

  • Revised after capital infusion $446,166

  • September $161,980

In August, Velocity Broadband had to take the remaining $450,000 promised them by city council or they would have gone negative. Add $450,000 in and you get $ 446,166, which is the new balance before September financials are released. You can look all of these numbers up on www.hudson.oh.us - just look for council meetings and financial reports.

Let's see what October brings when the financials are released but so far it has COST, in cash, $478,371 from February until now.

People dislike political spin such as this.

This is a phase II map from https://www.hudson.oh.us/1172/Density describing housing density as 6.3 units per acre.

It lists the 102 units being built as a Density of 6.3 per acre over 16.1 acres. The problem is that the town-homes are being built on 8 acres, when you remove retention ponds and the acres set aside for Class A office space (remember that 110,450sf of office space they approved?). 102 Units by 8 acres is a density of closer to 12.75. Their story doesn't sound like the truth. It's spin.

People dislike the conjecture and personal attacks.

A letter to the residents of Laurel Lake written by Bill Wooldredge, our City Council President, contained a note on the back side for residents to read. Who wrote the back remains unclear. What is clear is that is was meant to diminish me in the eyes of residents.

I am literally described as a “status-quo candidate who oppose growth of the city”. I do not oppose growth. I oppose spending on projects that bring little value to the city.

  • I have said, many times, that I simply wanted Phase II to be smaller than council planned.

  • I have said, many times, that while we squander money on a new town hall we could be providing other benefits for the citizens.

  • I have said, many times, that while we dump money into a broadband fund destined for bankruptcy we should work more diligently to find an exit strategy and alternatives that are less costly to the citizens of this town.

Obviously, Bill and I disagree on many things. Perhaps the biggest disagreement is how you treat a lifelong citizen of this town, Bill.

Lastly I think people dislike deception.

There is a rumor being spread by some candidates, and prominent members in support of those same candidates, that there is a nefarious plan to change the city charter and structure of our government.

I’ll leave you with this thought.

What would I do? I'm glad you asked.

  • I would sell Velocity to a business that is actually involved in broadband and thus capable of expanding it effectively.

  • I would ensure our connectivity plan happens but in the least detrimental way to home owners. I would not approve cutting down hundreds of trees and taking right-of-ways if at all avoidable.

  • I would ensure our children can play on sports fields that are at least as good as our surrounding communities. Right now we have maintenance and draining issues at nearly all ball fields.

  • I would not allow out of control expenses, like those used on city hall, to consume dollars that could be used for roads and sidewalks.

  • I would ensure repaved roads were sufficiently widened to support bike traffic when no path is nearby.

  • I would spend my time and energy listening to my neighbors, and communicating what is happening often and honestly without the city spin.

I will ask - what can I do for you. I will not turn my back on you.


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