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The difference between civility and lies

Civility – I keep hearing about this from my opponent. If I had a dime for every time the word was mentioned by her, I could have paid for my lunch at Clocktower Rotary.

The highest form of civility is honesty. There have been 2 issues I encountered at doors which I would like to clear up.

One: The seniors will be required to leave city hall meeting rooms in 2 years. Sheesh. I’d say “misinformation” But I’m going with “lie” in this case. The senior group has a storage-room they rent (for $100 bucks a year or less) which will needs to be relocated in 2 years. The seniors, themselves, and all of their meetings can remain at city hall in perpetuity and have never been asked to leave. Not now, not 2 years from now. Never. Our City Manager reminded the leaders of the senior group of this fact 2 weeks ago to correct misinformation that was provided to the seniors.

Two: I am somehow personally responsible for $15,000 per month in interest expenses related to Phase 2 development. You will see a link below to Phase 2 information. The facts are that previous council under council President Bill Wooldredge invested a tremendous amount of money (over 8 million) into the Phase 2 land. So much, in fact, that the land does cost $15,000 a month in interest to the community. Previous councilmembers and my opponent believe that this needs to be developed ASAP without community direction and the lack of that development is somehow on me. Sorry – I would not have spent that money without community consensus. I was not personally responsible for a developer walking away (read the following phase 2 link). And I am happy to develop the land once the comprehensive steering committee gathers community input. But to walk around telling people “foster pulled a fast one and stuck the city with $15k a month”, as though any one member of council can do anything without council consensus is… well, worthy of the message below…

If you want to know the real story - read below

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