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Summary of Positions

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I am posting details on various positions using individual blog postings. Please read through those as well. Each topic will provide greater insight into each area mentioned below. I will expand this thread as issues come up prior to election - so check back!

While reading through these please keep in mind that I want council to spend our money wisely. Everyone has a reason when considering running for City Council. Fiscal management by our city is my key driver.

Phase II - I voted no. Not because we don't want and need something there. I voted no because the density was too high. And frankly I don't like the way council handled the entire vote and issue. They promoted it like mad using our taxpayer dollars to promote their idea to us. Then some council members wanted to ignore the no vote because it wasn't high enough.

Velocity Broadband - You will see through other content that I must have spent some time in the tech field. I am a retired Cisco Certified Network Professional in Routing & Switching, a Wide Area Network Design Professional, a security specialist, and even a retired Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a retired Certified Novell Administrator. Broadband businesses have a hard enough time making money but the City of Hudson will make it work? We are 3.85 million into this now. While on the books we are now making a profit, the profit is not based on Cash Flow. It is before capital requirements and before debt repayment. The City of Hudson General Fund will need to repay the debt on the notes related to VBB for the next 4 (plus or minus) years which is roughly $1 million. So it looks good that the 3.85 million came back into our general fund (as long term debt), but $1 million of it is already needed to help VBB. My vote - no.

Pasco - This Pasco Fiasco was a bad idea to begin with. Town Hall doesn't belong out of town. Council and the contractor handling renovation work want to ram renovations through FAST. So it may become too late to do anything about. But remember, council said this might only cost 5 Million and it made a lot of sense because building a new town hall could cost up to $10 million and the city cant afford it. This Pasco Fiasco will be close to that number by the time they are done with furniture, video equipment, meeting rooms, etc.

YDC - Lots of opportunity here. We need to consider much of the land is wetlands and cannot be developed. But the footprint the YDC was on before building removal, about 12 acres, can be developed. We can use it for parks easily enough. Our parks budget has the money to spare and it would not add a lot of traffic load to that side of town. The other use is as an Incubator Business Park or small office park development. Also it would not require huge infrastructure changes, could support a number of well paying jobs and business paying taxes into Hudson. We can use that given the fact that for the better part of 30 years residents have been responsible for the lions share of school dollar funding. By opening this up to some limited business development we can at least edge back toward parity in our tax base.

Hines Hill crossing - I'm glad we are getting a light & camera to let people know if a train is sitting there too long. It should have been done years ago and any reasonably competent representative would ensure that is done. The bigger issue - regrade of the crossing (ie Bridge). This has to be done long term. It will take 3-5 years just to secure the grants and funding but it has to start now. The northwest side of Hudson along Walters Rd and Ashbrooke development have long been isolated not only hurting the sense of community but directly impacting Emergency Medical Services access to our citizens there.

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