• cfoster@cfoster.com

November 5th

I did not need to walk every street in Ward 2 to know Hudson. But I did. A couple times.

I did not need to pay for my campaign myself. But I did. I received many inquiries regarding donation. I didn’t want them and didn’t take them.

I did not need to take time away from my family, business, and many hobbies, to run for elected office. I did, however, because those in that office stopped listening to Hudson residents some time ago.

I recommend everyone do their homework come this election. In Ward 2 there are two choices. I support measured growth and a focus on resident needs. I support direct communication and financial transparency. I know it’s history and I want to protect and preserve our town, understanding we will grow. We are evolving and will continue to do so. That evolution should be discussed openly and not behind closed doors in back room deals.

I make decisions every day that directly impact the people who work for my business, which in turn effect their families. I measure those decisions carefully, so the impact provides the desired results with no unforeseen consequences. I own my decisions. For many reasons, but key among them, honesty, transparency, and communication, my business was awarded “Best Workplace” in the media industry. The average person in my business has been here for 17 years. Liars don’t earn that kind of loyalty.

Last night my wife asked me if I knew this election would be this messy and time consuming, would I have done it. I said – knowing what I know today, yes. I would have felt, at that time, even more morally obligated to run. I want your vote this Tuesday. I believe Hudson needs it.


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