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Meeting 11/6/2019

The first city council meeting in November was held last night rather than Tuesday because of the election. Those in attendance were Mayor Basil, William Wooldredge, Beth Bigham, Hal DeSaussure, Dennis Hanink, and Alex Keleman.

Mayor Basil recognized the Environmental Awareness Committee and proclaimed November 15th, 2019, to be America Recycles Day. http://hudson.legistar.com/gateway.aspx…

In a statement given by the EAC Chairman, Jeff Wells, the three R’s are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The EAC encourages Reducing and Reusing as the most significant steps. I have personally been involved in the Recycling Industry for 30 years and I can not agree more with the statement that we are best off Reducing and Reusing. Recycling remains the last option – and while environmentally important, it also drives industry. Recycling is the creation of Raw Material from reused content and provides a valuable input into our economy. Responsible recycling education is key. An interesting article on good habits is located here. http://www.reflector.com/…/Officials-promote-responsible-re…

On the Consent Agenda were two adjustments to Pay Ranges and Pay Range assignments, along with resolutions authorizing the City Manager to enter into road salt agreements and purchasing. Winter is coming.

On the legislative agenda the biggest area of discussion and concern related to issuance and sale of notes and the need to declare an emergency rather than go through three readings, offering more time for those involved to gather needed documents on the rollover – if any. Beth Bigham noted that these items should have been foreseen and thus placed on the schedule a month ago to allow for item to be read three times. All 4 agenda items (19-154 through 19-157) had previously been approved by council and represented known rollovers and note sales. They were passed with emergency clauses unanimously.

I will mention that there was one amendment to item 19-155 relating to the sale of $7,750,000 of notes for the land at 5810 Hudson Drive- the bus maintenance and salt storage facilities. $25,000 in fees associated with consulting on Phase II were erroneously placed in the issuance of this note. Rather than financing this over 20 years, it will be paid out of the general fund and properly reallocated back to Phase II expenses to reflect where it should have been allocated to begin with. The amendment reduced this note size to $7,725,000.

A final item (19-158) related to a $950,000 issuance and sale of notes related to items for the City Hall. The discussion on this topic revealed that the detail of these expenses was not entirely known to council members. There was some confusion as to which expenses had been previously approved and included in this total figure, and which are coming out of contingency funds. Council President Wooldredge suggested a document be written and provided showing the entirety of the City Hall project detailing where costs were incurred, what items were included, and how each was paid for in various notes or from general funds. I could not agree more.

The item was postponed to the November 19th meeting at which time the document should be completed showing the costs and payment methods of the entire project.

For those willing to be involved in the city, Council is currently accepting applications for the following boards/committees (to be appointed in December): - Planning Commission - HCTV Advisory Committee - Charter Review Committee

All are important but I would like to stress the importance of the Charter Review Committee. It is a 6 month appointment that reviews the "constitution" that powers our city. Any CRC recommended changes are taken DIRECTLY to the voters for approval. The CRC represents a fairly intense 6 month appointment that will be completed by June or July. https://www.hudson.oh.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1892


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