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Meet the Candidate

My family moved to Hudson when I was 1, in 1969. I grew up here, attended school at HHS, and with the exception of college and a decade stint in CT back where my wife was raised, I have lived here my entire life.

I attended college in Germany, mostly because my German teacher (Roland Winzer) was a heck of a teacher and I connected with the language easily. I took 4 years of Spanish and 3 of French in High School as well. Hudson had a fantastic foreign language program in all areas. I remain involved in the sister city relationship on the Landsberg-Hudson board, I thoroughly enjoyed the Christkindlmarkt we had on the green this past year (I ran all of the lights, among other duties with a great board of people). I have continued to help when residents of our sister city come over and need a German language speaking household.

My wife and I attend the Congregational Church of Hudson, though I was raised attending the Methodist Church down by the High School.

I run a Publishing Company, Group Interest Enterprise Media Inc., located in Valley View. I employ about 100 people in business to business industries. Most of the markets we cover are related to horticulture, such as Greenhouse Management, or environmental markets, such as Recycling Today. We have won awards for being the fastest growing media business and an award for being the best Publishing Company to work for in the country due to ethics, transparency, benefits, and culture. We routinely hold company charity events, we have a board (GIE Gives Back) that donates company profits to various charities, and working for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank or Harvest for Hunger is considering 'working hours'.

My wife, Lisa, and I have been married 29 years this September. Two of our children have already graduated from Hudson High School and our youngest will be a senior this year. Many people will know Fosters Meadow Honey which is sold at Fork & Knife and Destination Hudson. You may also know my wife Lisa from Noonday Collection, a fair trade jewelry and accessory company. She has held many events around Hudson for this awesome fair trade business helping artisans, primarily women, in developing countries, build businesses.

Why does any of this matter for a Ward 2 City Council candidate? I know this town. I remember the issues that caused problems in the Township and Village merger, some of which still haunt us today in forms of legislation. I know the schools. I have lived in 4 homes in Ward 2 and understand the unique issues related to living on Atterbury, Towbridge, Hudson Drive, and Walters. Ward 2 is huge and living on Hudson Drive compared to Walters road represent very different realities and views of the city and its assets. Understanding why we bought the YDC remains pertinent to what we do with YDC. You need to know the history.

My business revenue is very similar to the budget we work with within the City of Hudson. We live in great community but it is being hurt by poor fiscal management. We need someone with the background to manage our money better than we have seen in recent years.

Contact me and we can talk about this, or any other issue related to the city. Either way I intend on knocking on every door in Ward 2 between now and November. I hope we can connect, even if we disagree on specific issues. We are all neighbors at the end of the day.


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