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Local politics matter

Most of us, myself included, tend to think about politics in big terms. President, Congressman, Senator, Governor. Below is a chart showing the number of elected officials we have in the US.

You can't see the President or VP in this chart at all. You can't see Governors or even our Congress. That is how little impact they have on our daily lives. The 529,000 locally elected officials far outnumber all other elected officials and represent 99% of elected officials in the country.

I am not saying these other positions don't matter. But they don't impact us daily. When you drive roads in Hudson the people responsible for the condition of the road sit on City Council. When you can not connect to downtown directly via a bike path or sidewalk, the person you need to speak to sits on City Council. When you are stuck in traffic, day after day, at a train crossing or downtown Hudson, the POTUS really isn't going to do anything about that. Its a council representative.

As a ward 2 representative I hope to be the go-to person for ward 2 specific issues. I also hope the be one of 7 voting members on council who vote on issues that pertain to all of Hudson. It is important that you know this town and its history to understand why we still have people in township or village camps or why we discuss unfulfilled promises from the merger. I am the only person running in Ward 2 with that history. I remember Hudson when it was 5,000 people. It was so sleepy that as a 10 year old I road my bike down 91 from Leighton Estates to downtown and my parents didn't think twice about it. We are a lot bigger of course but when you talk about preserving the nature of a community its important that you remember what that community was and understand what it currently is, and provide direction for that growth based on the history.

Come November 5th please remember to vote Chris Foster for Ward 2 City Council Representative.


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