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Election Results

This has been a long many months. I have experienced conversations I wish I could share with you all. I need to go back to several homes and continue those stories that would not have been formed if it were not for this campaign. I’ve never run for public office before. This was also not a race like most in recent Hudson memory. The effort was much more than expected; I humbly admit that. Those who participated invested hundreds of hours talking with the community, explaining in their own words why they are best suited for office. They all deserve a tremendous amount of respect.

Now the work begins. Just because we talked with our neighbors about why we think we are best to serve, we need to shut up and listen. I firmly believe it is councils’ job to come up with great ideas, ask the community what they think, and respond to the community accordingly. A community majority should not be measured by 1 vote, or a dozen votes. We need to agree to move forward in numbers we can all feel good about.

I believe that is in large part what this election was about. The direction we were moving as a community became something we did not fundamentally agree on. We have spent a tremendous amount of money in areas that were questionable, and ignored past spends that were good investments but left idle.

I committed to adjusting my work schedule if I won and intend on following through with that. I will provide more details over the coming weeks, but I will spend a workday a week on Hudson as my volunteer job. Plus, council meetings of course. It will be an honor. Thank you all for the honor and trust.

Campaign signs will come down tomorrow. Plans will be made for the future. I have a lot of people to thank. Campaign volunteers, people who offered support with no ask in return, new and old friends in town, people who I met and believed in my ideas, vision. You should know I want to thank Lisa Radigan for her time in office. It is more work than you can imagine and, frankly, she did a better job of communication in Ward 2 than we have seen for years. While I have lived here a very long time, she has made this her home too. And for that, also, I am glad.

Thank you, all, for the privilege to serve my hometown. -Chris


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