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City Council Meeting March 2nd, 2021

We started early at 6:45 for executive session discussions on an item reviewed by the economic incentive committee (see item 21-25, first reading at the end of this summary), and discussions on a personnel matter.

The meeting had some glitches at 7:30 when we started regular session. No sound for a few minutes, which was during the pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and approval of the previous meeting minutes. You didn’t miss much.

Chief Tabak:

The Chief gave us a review of a few items. Thefts – generally speaking crime is on the rise in surrounding communities, and it has had some spill over into Hudson. Keep your car doors locked! We typically see 5 stolen cars per year in Hudson. We have had 5 stolen to date. The common link: all were unlocked.

The Chief thanked council for moving forward body cameras last year. All officers have been wearing body cameras for the last 60 days. Also, all vehicles are equipped with 2 forward cameras and 1 monitoring the back seat of the vehicles. Officers experience have been very positive.

Lastly the dispatch upgrades are complete. Bath Township PD and Hudson City PD can dispatch for each other as fail-overs, new radio systems have been installed and are in use. BTW that means at some point those of you using scanners won’t be able to listen in as inevitably the channels will be encrypted. The 911 system has been upgraded along with the digital controls allowing next gen 911 data to be used. Not only will it be able to handle voice, but Data and multimedia as well. Video, imagery etc over 911. It is not yet active in our area but should be coming soon.

Major topics of discussion

Proclamation in recognition of sunshine week: Brief Description: This Proclamation recognizes “Sunshine Week” during March 14-20, 2021, and acknowledges the importance of public access to government records and information in fostering transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement. A representative from the League of Women Voters Hudson will be in attendance to accept this Proclamation.

Tennis & Pickle Ball: Item 21-23 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO SOLICIT REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS FOR THE DESIGN OF A TENNIS AND PICKLE BALL COMPLEX AT BARLOW FARM PARK. Brief Description: This Resolution allows the Public Works Department to advertise for RFPs for the design of a tennis and pickle ball complex at Barlow Farm Park.

This has been sent back to the Park Board for further clarification and discussion. All councilmembers commenting on this expressed a general desire to move forward / support the project. Sending it back to the Park Board was done to clarify the scope of the project, and from my perspective, get our arms around the costs. The Project came to council after the budget was approved, was not included in the Park Master Plan Budget, had a suggested cost of “roughly $1 million that the park board could cover by 2022” and yet this somehow rapidly became something they wanted to build in 2021 with debt, rather than in 2022 with cash. Also, the $1 million guestimate became $1.4 with contingency and did not include parking or bathroom facilities, that were suppose to be a park of the project – meaning it may end up closer to $2 million. The Park Board has a large amount of say over their budget and council would be usurping the park board authority if we just took it out of their hands and decided on our own what we wanted to do / fund / when it should be built and with what amenities. The board meetings in March again – given timing, if all is approved and financially accepted by all parties, would make it a 2022 project (which was the initial plan anyway). Hopefully they can clarify scope and obtain better cost estimates on the completed project shortly thereafter.

Marketing for Chamber of Commerce: 21-0017 A Motion authorizing the City Manager to provide $20,000 in funding for a partnership with the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce for the creation of a targeted digital marketing campaign aimed at promoting Hudson as a destination for dining, shopping, and services.

Brief Description: The Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Merchants of Hudson, Destination Hudson, and a representative from the City of Hudson will oversee the creation of a targeted digital marketing campaign that is to be initiated through $20,000 from the City of Hudson

I could also say – marketing to help merchants – Council did approve a plan by the Chamber of Commerce to fund a marketing campaign with $20,000 over a 2 month period to see if it can provide ROI to merchants in Hudson. This is a limited program and will provide for an interesting test of social media and gated content marketing, with metrics showing us who was exposed, interacted, and if those mobile devices came to Hudson after having seen an ad – and in what time frame. Hudson received roughly $1.4 million in CARES funding. This grant to assist with marketing is bit over 1% of the money received, so in the scheme of things relatively small.

1927 High School: This was not an agenda item but a letter was read by a resident into record in opposition to the Liberty / School board plan for redevelopment of this 1927 School (people say Middle School but it my was High School… you know what I mean). I have received many of these letters in recent weeks. It should be noted that last night I also received an e-mail from the school board stating “You are invited to a community zoom webinar. We Have listened Carefully! Community engagement drives significant modifications to residential plan for the repurpose of the 1927 building.” When: March 10th at 7pm or March 11th at 11:30am. If you are interested in attending, see below

Use this link to join the webinar on March 10, 7:00 p.m.

Use this link to join the webinar on March 11, 11:30 a.m.

Phase 2 Research: 21-0018 A Motion authorizing the City Manager to move forward with a Professional Services Contract with Research Analytics Consulting LLC for a Downtown Development Community Survey. Brief Description: The purpose of this proposal is to assist in the development, implementation, compilation, and analysis of a statistically significant random community survey questionnaire to assess a vacant 20-acre City owned property located within our central business district. The final survey shall identify community ideas and priorities for the future development of this downtown area, and the consultant’s fee shall not exceed $17,000.00.

In short – we will start engaging with a market research company now that will hopefully provide significant data points that represent statistically valid information from residents on what they desire to see in downtown development. There will be lots written about this in the months to come so everyone is informed.

The Rest:

All of the below consent items were passed.

21-18 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ADVERTISE FOR COMPETITIVE BIDS AND ENTER INTO A CONTRACT FOR THE RAVENNA STREET CULVERT REPAIR PROJECT. Brief Description: The project will include the repair of the 5-foot by 7-foot metal culvert under Ravenna Street along the Brandywine Creek Tributary.

21-19 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ADVERTISE FOR COMPETITIVE BIDS AND TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT FOR THE NORTH OVIATT STREET WATERLINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT. Brief Description: This project will involve the replacement of the existing water main and water service connections within the right-of-way on N. Oviatt Street from E. Streetsboro Street, north to Aurora Street.

21-20 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ADVERTISE FOR COMPETITIVE BIDS AND ENTER INTO A CONTRACT FOR THE WEST BARLOW ROAD SIDEWALK PROJECT. Brief Description: The project will include the installation of a sidewalk along the north side of West Barlow Road from Nicholson Drive east to State Route 91 (Darrow Road). Exhibit

21-21 A RESOLUTION AFFIRMING THE APPLICATION SUBMITTED BY THE CITY MANAGER’S DESIGNEE TO THE STATE OF OHIO PRESERVATION OFFICE FOR A CERTIFIED LOCAL GOVERNMENT GRANT. Brief Description: The State of Ohio Preservation Office awards Certified Local Government grant funding for the purpose of advancing historic preservation efforts of local governments. The City has applied for $20,000 in grant funding to cover consultant work required to complete the filing of the Hudson Historic District Extension along Elm Street and Roslyn Avenue. No local match is required.

21-22 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR A SOLID WASTE STORAGE AREA BEHIND THE MAIN STREET STORES IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA. Brief Description: This resolution would authorize the City Manager to enter into a license agreement with Kep’s Tavern LLC to permit the use a City-owned dumpster enclosure on City property to properly store their trash, solid waste, and recyclables. Exhibit:

The below Legislative Item was read for a 2nd time and will be voted on in wo weeks.

21-5 A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE APPLICATION FOR PLACEMENT OF LAND IN A NEW AGRICULTURAL USE DISTRICT FOR PURPOSES OF O.R.C. 929.02 FOR LEONORE E. COSMA, 2242 RAVENNA STREET, HUDSON, OHIO. Brief Description: Ms. Cosma has submitted the attached Application for Placement of Farmland in an Agricultural District for property located at 2242 Ravenna Street (Permanent Parcel No. 30-00514) in Hudson. Council has previously approved similar applications since 1999 at five-year intervals, but the renewal deadline for 2020 was missed, and therefore this application is considered a new request.

The below two legislative items were read for the first time.

21-24 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 230.05 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES TO AUTHORIZE THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO LICENSE AGREEMENTS FOR EXPANDED USES OF CITY-OWNED UTILITY EASEMENTS. Brief Description: The proposed amendment would authorize the City Manager to enter into license agreements with property owners for the construction of driveways and patios that are within a City-owned utility easement.

21-25 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO A JOB CREATION GRANT AGREEMENT WITH CLEVELAND STEEL CONTAINER CORPORATION. Brief Description: Cleveland Steel Container Corporation is requesting a 50% income tax credit for 9 years. The company will establish a headquarters for their corporate offices in Hudson, bringing 85 jobs with a three-year benchmark of $9.3M in payroll.

That’s it. Questions or concerns, please let me know. -Chris

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