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City Council August 3rd, 2021

Only six in attendance. Ms Kowalski was absent.

We had a public hearing, and second reading, on a charter change approved by voters in Hudson in the November 2020 election stating zoning changes require 5 members of council to vote in the affirmative, but 6 members when it concerns zoning density. It is 5 pages but that’s the meat of it. The link is here showing the marked up final ordinance voted on by residents.

I mentioned a clerical issue with this record in that the agenda item references a Planning Commission meeting from 7/27/2021 when the planning meeting was on 7/26. Additionally, the planning meeting on 7/26 was about a AHBR charter issue asking for historic district constructions to still be considered primary development, and thus not administratively approved. It did not mention the ordinance change this references, which is as I said – zoning density related. The devil is always in the details.

Council Comments: The big item in comments last night was that our very own Elizabeth Slagle was awarded clerk of the year for 2021 by the Ohio Municipal Clerks association from its 260 members. Elizabeth has worked for the city of Hudson since 1995, starting as the assistant to the city manager. In 2008 Elizabeth took on responsibilities assisting our City Clerk, eventually becoming our full time clerk of council in 2011. Personally I will admit her depth of knowledge has been invaluable. You can ask her anything about a piece of legislation in the last 25 years and she will remember some or all, and find it within a very short time frame, providing additional background context from memory. Elizabeth is retiring at the end of this year and she will be missed by all.

Consent Agenda:

21-0063 A Motion Directing the Clerk to Send Notice to the Ohio Division of Liquor Control Indicating No Request for a Hearing Regarding a New Permit to Sell Alcoholic Beverages for Farmers Rail Hudson, LLC, 98 North Main Street, Hudson. Brief Description: The Clerk is in receipt of the attached Notice to Legislative Authority dated July 12, 2021, from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control concerning the opportunity to request a hearing regarding this permit. The City’s response must be postmarked no later than August 12, 2021. Last year, Council reviewed a similar Notice pertaining to Permit Classes D1 & D3 (Beer & Wine). The current Notice is for Class D2 (Spiritous Liquor for on-premises consumption).

Meaning: Farmer’s rail will open soon plus liquor permit. Yay Hudson! This passed 6-0


21-46 second reading of the item above re- public hearing.

21-78 A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO ENTER INTO AN ADDENDUM TO A PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CONTRACT WITH MICHAEL BAKER INTERNATIONAL FOR ADDITIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES RELATING TO PHASE III OF THE VETERANS TRAIL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. Brief Description:This Resolution would authorize an increase of $73,150 to redesign the Veterans Trail Phase 3 project including environmental permitting and coordination, trail design, and drainage design work above the original design contract with Michael Baker International from 2018 of $279,000.00.

This will improve the path behind the many homes on Nicholson without all the tree removal and paving required previously. It includes a bridge replacement bordering cascade and draining to improve stormwater issues on the Ellsworth side of the path. This was the third reading and passed 6-0.

At this point we entered executive session regarding some real estate and legal issues.

That’s it. Questions or concerns please let me know. -Chris

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