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You need honest dialogue in a small town

2023 Election Ahead

July 31st, 2023

Election season is upon us. I am in the process of refreshing my material from 2019. I was the challenger then, and the incumbent now.

When I campaigned in 2019, I believed our city needed a new focus to invest more on core infrastructure like water, sewer, and roads, and to improve the safety of our neighborhoods through increased connectivity with downtown.

In the next months, I look forward to meeting you, telling you how we've kept those promises, and asking you for your vote so that we can continue to accomplish these important goals.

Some of what has been tangibly accomplished is below.

  • Hudson roads went from a rating of 71 to 79 in the past four years. A 10% improvement overall and some of the highest road ratings in the state.

  • Added 20 segments of sidewalks and multipurpose paths over a 5 year plan from 2022-2027. We are now designing the next step of that plan from 2027-2031 in order to complete a number of areas we could not fit into the first 20 segments.

  • We are expanding city water to many areas of Hudson, one of which will be provided via a federal grant.

  • Approval of two rail quiet zones.

  • Acquiring part of the abandoned Norfolk Southern rail line south of downtown to Terex for rail-to-trail conversion.

  • Expanding private fiber internet options - we will be using the Velocity backbone but expand fiber to residents via privately funded businesses rather than via city income taxes, which would have cost nearly $22 million and still not been available to all residents.

  • Added school crossings to improve safety, and we are adding adaptive signaling to improve traffic flow.

  • Accelerated police body-camera funding by years.

  • I have worked with state and federal elected officials on both sides of the aisle to gain funding for Hudson. In a world where too many people will not reach across the aisle, I don't care which party provides the money as long as Hudson gets the benefit.

I am proud to have heard people refer to me as the hardest working councilmember, though I know a number of people working very hard for the community as well. I am here to listen and represent your interests, not my own. I am asking for your vote on November 7th.

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Thank you for your interest in Chris Foster for Ward 2 City Council. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

7303 Walters Rd Hudson OH 44236

Thanks for submitting!

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